The Permanent Territorial Center of Alba-Bra was established in the school year 1998/99, the period from which the Board of Education’s Circle III, in the person of Luciano Carbone, began to manage its activities. The CTP has a reference area very wide, as stressed by the valleys Uzzone, Bormida, Belbo and Tanaro and over 75 municipalities (including 27 belonging to the two Mountain Communities in the area), for a total population of about 160,000 inhabitants.Currently the Permanent Territorial Center of Alba – Bra organizes courses in the towns of Alba, Bra, Bossolasco, Canale d’Alba, Castagnito, Cortemilia, Cossano Belbo, La Morra and Monte d’Alba. The CTP organizes basic and advanced courses for adult foreigners and Italians. The current manager Beppe Cencio over the years has consolidated the activities of the CTP.